No expiration field for `authenticated` event?


I have integrated the Auth0 Lock widget successfully into our application. However, when I receive the authenticated event, I only receive an access token - not an expiry value for it. When I call checkSession I do receive this field; is there a way to determine the lifetime of the access token I receive from the authenticated event without an additional checkSession call?

Hello there @kwijibo and welcome to Auth0’s Community!

I would really like to find out more about your stack and if you are using an SDK or not? This should give us some much needed details so we can deliver the correct solution for your workflow. Thanks!

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply. In terms of our stack, we have a React SPA connected to our GraphQL backend. I’m not sure what you mean with respect to using an SDK or not ; we are using the following libraries from Auth0:

"auth0-js": "^9.10.1",
"auth0-lock": "^11.9.0",

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can provide that will help. Thanks!

The fact that you are leveraging Auth0.js, expires_in will be part of the authResult in the callback. Can you give this a look when you get a chance and confirm? Thanks in advance!

I wanted to follow up @kwijibo and see if you had any additional questions on this front? Thanks!

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