NextJS useUser Not Getting App Metadata

I am trying to retrieve my app_metadata through the useUser nextJS hook but it keeps failing.

I followed this answer to setup a rule to return the metadata but still do not get the info when I call useUser.

I am very stuck and have tried setting up rules/claims to do this but have made no progress.

Hi @ryanwhite,

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How is it failing? Can you try to decode the token with and see if the claim you are expecting is there?

Hello and thank you @dan.woda

So maybe I am misunderstanding how I should be retrieving the info but when I call useUser in nextjs it returns the user info but no metadata.

This is my rule

function(user, context, callback) {
  const namespace = '';
  context.idToken[namespace + 'stripe_id'] = user.app_metadata.stripe_id;
	callback(null, user, context);

Then this is what useUser returns

email: "EMAIL_HERE"
email_verified: false
name: "EMAIL_HERE"
nickname: "hello"
picture: "GRAVATAR_HERE"
sub: "auth0|AUTH0_ID"
updated_at: "2021-07-21T21:47:30.606Z"

I have set in the auth0 dashboard the app_metadata of
“stripe_id”: “test-value”

Oh man I feel dumb. I logged out of my app and back in and it started working. How would I be able to force the retrieval of this data without forcing users to log in/out again @dan.woda?


It must be that the initial token is getting issued before the stripe ID is set in the user’s metadata. How are you setting that value in the user’s app_metadata?

I have switched to setting it in my app with the management API and it seems to be working okay. I will keep testing but I think I have got it figure out. Thanks for the help!

Glad you found a solution!

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