NextJs Auth0 SDK seperate sever validation process

It seems that some people have asked this question before, but I cannot find anyone that has actually received an answer. Possibly due to the lack of convey information as concisely as they could. If there is another thread that answers this apologizes, however, none the less;

NextJS 14


I have all of my front-end libraries set up just fine, to do route validation and restrict access to certain pages, however, I am looking for a handshake validation middle piece when queries are sent from the front-end to my nestJs backend.

In the past I have used a JWT token that is generated during the login process and passed to the user state. Any time the application makes a query to the server the JWT token is sent and validate with a guard on the endpoint for another level of security.

Does the NextJS Auth0 SDK have anything where I can generate a JWT for the user state and freely pass it to my seperate NestJS backend? Or would I have to integrate another system like say Next-Auth?

Thank you for any insights you can provide.