Nextjs Auth0 Logout and auto sign in

I am really frustrated with nextjs-auth0, everything work fine in local, when I deploy to azure static website. and click log out, it obviously logs on auth0, however, immediately tries to auto login again. Tried every method I can find online, this behavior still there, OMG.
solution tried but not work

  1. tutorial solution using
  2. inspect url as in picture, it sends request to v2 logout url
  3. tried manually delete cookie

any ideas, really appreciated.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 10.59.45 PM


I had the same problem, switching to Stytch helped out👍

I’m facing the same issue with deploying Next.js to Azure Static Web Apps. Logout works fine locally, but it doesn’t seem to work when deployed. Even though all requests in the network tab appear to be fine, it keeps signing in automatically.
Any updates on this?