NextJS 13 App Dir - Different User Types - Different Login/Signup Screens/Callbacks

I am working on a NextJS 13 application using the App directory.

To explain it simply, what I would like to do is have to separate user types:

  1. Buyers
  2. Sellers

In the context of my application, the buyers will never be sellers. The sellers will never be buyers. They are fully different types of users with different experiences within the application.

I would like the universal login/sign up screen to be custom per user type (buyer/seller).

I am not certain how to implement this.

Does this require having two separate Auth0 applications?
Does this require having two separate tenants?
Can this be done with one tenant per stage/region and one application?

Is it even possible to integrate with two separate Auth0 applications/tenants within a single NextJS Application?

I have been using the NextAuth library to assist with integrating to Auth0 however I am open to using the Auth0 SDK directly assuming it supports the App directory for NextJS 13 well. From what I could tell, a lot of the documentation was related to the Pages directory which is why I opted for using the NextAuth library.

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