Next.js SDK How to keep route handler on another route than /api/auth?

Hey there, we’re currently trying out the SDK.

The Next.js app already proxies requests to /api to a backend API.

To not tamper with it, I’d like to have the route handler under /auth, so – using app router – under the dir app/auth/[auth0]/route.ts. The docs hint that it’s fine to do so.

But I see requests done by the SDK (to fetch user info) still going to api/auth.
I assume the /api/auth path is some convention

How to tell the SDK to look for the router handler under another path?

The docs on configuration so far did not help me.

Any help is appreciated, thanks

OK I think I have it. Should be the props profileUrl and loginUrl on the UserProvider.
See nextjs-auth0/ at main · auth0/nextjs-auth0 · GitHub