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I am new to Auth0. My users are currently in a database and I wish to use Auth0 user management (ie. username/password). Can someone please help me understand the new relationship between Auth0 and my database? Currently, in my DB, each user ID has about 15 different properties (ie. access level, phone number, etc.).

Would I keep all these properties in my DB, and simply link them to the Auth0 user ID/token? I’m guessing I would remove the user’s stored hashed password from the DB and simply now use his Auth0 ID as his main identifier to interact with the stored properties in the DB?

If someone could elaborate on this, that would be very helpful.

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Hi @chris14,

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I’m going to point you towards some resources, but feel free to ask some more questions if they don’t provide a clear answer.

It seems like the most common setup after you have migrated your existing users to auth0, is to use a rule or hook to add a copy of newly registered users to your custom DB, including the Auth0 id. This way you can look up the user by Auth0 id in your db when your receive the token after authentication.

This doc has some insight on how to store data and what to store in Auth0 vs your DB:

This doc describes what is typically stored in Auth0’s normalized user profile:

I’m also going to link the user migration docs as they will likely come in handy:

Hopefully this helps, and please feel free to ask more questions.


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