New Zanzibar Academy is Live!

Exciting news! We are taking another important step in our authorization journey by releasing the learning site. is meant to help builders understand the value and power of Zanzibar style systems, in a progresive, guided way.

If you’re curious, Zanzibar is Google’s global authorization system. It powers authorization for many Google services such as YouTube, Google Drive, and Google Workspaces and drives Google’s core collaboration features such as sharing documents. Creating an access control system for that many people and object combinations is a daunting task, and Google laid out how they did it in their 2019 Google Zanzibar paper.

Zanzibar has steadily grown in popularity since the paper’s release and we set out this past year to talk with the organizations about their implementation experiences. With the Zanzibar Academy website and related presentations we seek to make the concepts and practices in the Zanzibar paper easier to understand with interactive descriptions and examples. We’re further supporting builders by creating our own version for developers to use. You can explore our implementation here.

We’re excited for you to learn more at If you’re interested in learning more about Zanzibar and Auth0s new Zanzibar based AuthZ platform, join our Discord community.