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Hi, I have differents webs using same database, in Classic deppending con clientID I can select different login theme. The problem I found in New is that users have to select the organization, is there a way to skip this and show theme depends on app name or something else?



Hi @ldibello,

You can go to the application’s settings and go to the organizations tab and disable the Display Organization Prompt settings:

You can then automatically select which organization the user should log into from the application code by adding the organization parameter in the /authorize request. Example:

loginWithRedirect({organization: 'org_abc123'})

Sorry, but, Im using an example from GitHub, made it in Java, this kind of scritp should be un the Im a little bit confused.

Looking at the Java SDK docs, it looks like you can use the withOrganization method with the AuthenticationController:

AuthenticationController controller = AuthenticationController.newBuilder("{DOMAIN}", "{CLIENT_ID}", "{CLIENT_SECRET}")

Thanks a lot! The problem I had was not encode the special characters in the uri.

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