New Universal Login prompts customizations

Problem Statement

We are currently using the New Universal Login prompts and would like to make the following customizations:

  1. Is it possible to add line breaks to the text wording? For example with <br>.
  2. By default, the text wording is centered, can it be changed to left-justified?
  3. Is it possible to change the display order from top to bottom, so that social and enterprise connection buttons are on top and the username and password fields are on the bottom of the login widget?


While these customizations are not possible with the New Universal Login Prompts feature, the Universal Login No-Code Editor allows for some of these customizations.

With the No-Code editor, you can left-align text, as well as move the Social/Enterprise login buttons to be above the username and password fields.

For more information, here is a link to our docs covering the editor: Customize New Universal Login with the No-Code Editor