New Universal Login not working when JavaScript disabled in the browser


I am trying to use new universal page in my application ( core MVC app ). It works fine when JavaScript is enabled in the browser. Where unable to login as soon as I disable javascript in my browser.
I could see the login page. If I click continue and after entering the login credentials, I could only empty page.

Based on the requirement, I have to get it working even with javascript disabled.

Hi @kodali.karuna,

I just did a quick test with chrome dev tools and was able to get it working fine. Can you tell us more about your setup?

Thank you Dan for the quick reply. I have followed the below example.

Below the urls I have configured

Callback url


Allowed Logout Url


Allowed Web Origins

And this how my screen looks when click continue after entering the login credentials

Can you record a HAR file of the transaction please? Then send it to me in a DM.