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New Get User By Email End Point



In the notification I received, it’s said the new get user by email end point that we should we will be available on Wednesday 25 5pm PT. It’s equivalent to Thursday 26 7am GMT+7. Why is not available yet?


Hi, I see that one of our support agent are taking your request on the following ticket:


Apologies for the actual information not being openly available in the initial response. There was the need to update the documentation that was going to be released in association with that endpoint which had the consequence of blocking the formal availability of the endpoint.

I understand that the endpoint in question is a very good fit for some common use cases and that’s why we wanted to make the endpoint available and let potentially interested developers know about it through a notification, however, we failed to meet the deadline with regards to the documentation aspects of it so we’ll try to close that gap and have the full feature available as soon as possible. The recommendation right now is to wait for the documentation; when those are published you can consider the endpoint formally available. I’ll personally also try to keep up to date with that and post a status update here.


Hi, I see that one of our support agent are taking your request on the following ticket:


@danm @ryan.pendergast provided a more complete (although likely not what you want to read) answer; will keep you posted with more info when I have it.

@brightertools I would need to check the situation for that specific SDK, but in general it may happen that only the latest version will receive feature updates, but don’t quote me on that just yet as I would need to confirm.


Any fixed time frame when this doc is published?


I was reluctant to say a specific time because that did not went well for us the last time, but now it’s there:!/Users_By_Email/get_users_by_email


Hi, we are using auth0-java (1.3.0) so it needs to be updated before we can start using this new endpoint.


Hi, we are using the .net libraries (.net core) one application is on 4.2.0 (api V2, OIDC compliant), we cannot see an update for that, also what is going to happen with older apps on older libraries e.g. 3.7 (on V1, non OIDC compliant) we not in a position to update to API V2 on that due to the amount of work.


Are we able to get a public response regarding the question and what the new ETA is?


@victor.santos can you please have support disclose the information being discussed in this ticket so we all don’t have to open a ticket to figure out what is going on…