New Connection automatically adds Management API client?

I created a new DB connection via the management API and noticed that the “Auth0 Management API” is automatically added to the connection. Is this normal? Is there a setting somewhere that controls this? This is actually desirable for us but we want to be assured that this is defined behavior.

Hi @jordan.zimmerman,

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Firstly, to confirm, are you referring to the “API Explorer Application” or the actual Management API?

I did a bit of testing with this, and I believe applications will only be enabled upon creation with the enabled_clients array that’s passed to the POST/api/v2/connections endpoint. Would you mind sharing a sample Management API request to help confirm this (with data values removed)? Thanks!

I’m creating a DB connection via Auth0 Management API v2 and it’s automatically getting enabled for the " Auth0 Management API", i.e. the “System API”