.NET 6 Native Client

I am trying to use .NET 6 and create a Native windows client and library. I am having issues finding a solution to retrieve a user / token with the library.

using Auth0.OidcClient;

Auth0ClientOptions clientOptions = new Auth0ClientOptions
    Domain = "XXXX",
    ClientId = "XXXX"
var client = new Auth0Client(clientOptions);

The above works fine in .NET 4.7… I am just looking for a .NET 6 solution.

It appears OidcClient has not been ported to .NET 6 yet. Is this something that is going to happen? If not, is there an alternative solution?

Are there plans to support Maui?

Thanks for any help in advance you may provide,

Hey there!

Here’s more on that:

Thanks for your assistance and the link… That was helpful in determining a timetable and path forward.

For me, I am going to drop back to .net Core 3.1 for now and use WPF… In April / May, I will consider upgrading to MAUI and .NET 6.

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Perfect gotchya! Thanks for sharing with the rest of community!

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