Need to redirect in Post Password Change Action

currently we have an issue that after user changes password, we want to redirect to the login page again … and there are a couple issues with the redirect_to field solution

  1. when the link expires, we want to show the expire page; but it will continue to go to the redirect url
  2. the redirect can only go to one url (in our case, depending on the user role we have 2 urls)

As such, I am trying to play w/ the Actions to achieve the above. I think we can add an action code in Post Change Password Flow. This should be triggered only after successful password reset (which addresses the expire page I believe) ; also we should be able to redirect based on user metadata to achieve better user experience
In PostLoginAPI i can redirect by calling api.redirect.sendUserTo(url)
in PostChangePasswordAPI theres’ no such method. we need the redirect method here too

Hi @eguo,

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Unfortunately that is not possible. The PostPasswordChange Action is async and cannot control the redirect. It’s intended for ‘send and forget’ type transactions, like updating an external resource etc.

Redirects from Auth0 are controlled by one of flows outlined in this doc.

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