Need to disable SSO cookies for ionic 4 application

Hi, We’ve implemented the auth0 login SDK for ionic 4, and for android devices, we’re facing an issue that when we uninstall the application without logging out and install again it’s not asking the user to enter credentials and simply logging in itself, after searching through the community we found a post that it’s because of the SSO cookie enabled by default. can someone please help in disabling it or provide any other better solution for it?

This seems a very similar situation to what has been asked at (Login sso cookie android universal login); I’m afraid that for login the cookies are shared with the system browser so besides clearing the cookies in the system browser itself I don’t think there’s an option for you to request them to be ignored.

However, there may be an alternative with prompt=login parameter for certain use cases; check the reply in that other post to see if it’s relevant.