Need a callback during IDP initiated SLO

Need a way to callback application during IDP initiated SLO

IDP has an optional feature of IDP initiated SLO and it will request all the service providers to logout and return to IDP once this is done.

Auth0 as a service provider receives SAML request during logout and sends back the SAML Response however associated application is not aware of SLO request initiated by IDP.
we need a callback to application before SAML response is sent back to IDP ,so that application will do logout properly before SAML response is returned back to IDP.

Thanks for creating this feedback card! Let’s see who else from community will be interested in such addition!


I correctly understand you? Auth0 hasn’t supported that behavior, and I cannot configure that. In summary, I can’t log out from third-party services and, as a result, log out from a web application that uses Auth0 as an authorization server with SAML 2.0 for SSO?

Yes that is correct.