Native and M2M connected to the same database behave differently

Hey I am running a M2M application against a backend server. On the M2M application everything works like authorization. Getting data from the API. Now a tried to add a Native application to it. React native with webauth module. Using the client_id I managed to get a accessToken and a idToken. Using this accessToken I make a request to the API and get:

  "timestamp": "2019-04-11T10:57:42.921+0000",
  "status": 401,
  "error": "Unauthorized",
  "message": "Unauthorized",
  "path": "/groups"

While using the M2M token I get the result and everything works.

Native call on backends log:
Apr 11 12:39:06 x heroku/router: at=info method=GET path="/groups" request_id=f04a-4304-a47b-035fd0c8f7fd fwd="" dyno=web.1 connect=0ms service=8ms status=401 bytes=527 protocol=https 
M2M call on backends log:
Apr 11 12:40:28 x app/web.1: 2019-04-11 10:40:27.748  INFO 4 --- [io-44767-exec-2] c.a.s.s.api.JwtAuthenticationProvider    : Authenticated with jwt with scopes [openid, profile, email] 
Apr 11 12:40:28 x heroku/router: at=info method=GET path="/groups" request_id=89cf-41d0-b5e2-f2d5458ea095 fwd="" dyno=web.1 connect=0ms service=331ms status=200 bytes=546 protocol=https 

The two applications are connected to the same database. The config is identical on auth0-s site. I dont know what is happening. Any clues?

Found the error. it was mismatching audience.

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