MySQL + SSL connection issues with custom databases


I can’t connect to my custom database (Amazon Aurora MySQL 5.6.10).
My custom database login script begins with:

function login(email, password, callback) {
  var base64CA = Buffer.from(configuration.MYSQL_CA_CERTS, 'base64');
  var mysql    = require('mysql@2.7.0');
  var conn = mysql.createConnection({
      host: 'rds-aurora-db-host'
      user: 'mysql_user',
      password: 'mysql_password',
      database: 'mysql_database',
      debug: true,
      ssl  : {
        ca : base64CA.toString(),


... (snip) ..

MYSQL_CA_CERTS is set to a base64-encoded string of the certificate downloaded from

The debug output was as follows.

9:23:31 AM:
 <-- HandshakeInitializationPacket
9:23:31 AM:
 HandshakeInitializationPacket { (snip) }
9:23:31 AM:
 --> SSLRequestPacket
9:23:31 AM:
 SSLRequestPacket { clientFlags: 457679, maxPacketSize: 0, charsetNumber: 33 }

// Not response... (T T)

9:23:50 AM:
 finished webtask request

After the SSLRequestPacket, no response is received (T T).

I have recently confirmed that I am no longer able to connect.
Please let me know if you know anything about this problem.