My account has been banned from

I would like to inform you that at 15:30 I got a ban on

What have I done

  1. I wrote to ChataGPT about lua, gave him all mode and wrote to him for help.
  2. I asked him if he could help me add to the code that the player gets an extra 1850 HP when skills are upgraded

ChatGPT thought until they kicked me out of it, after resetting the browser I got this message

I don’t even know what I really did
Please forgive me if I may ask for information what I did wrong


Unfortunately, I don’t remember what email to use, so i decided to write here…
Cloudflare Ray ID: 7e51a757b9973522

And I just forgot it kept loading me into my messages + as I stated in point 2 until it finally kicked me out

I have the same problem, and I dont know why

Hi all,

It looks like this issue is a result of an OpenAI status. Please follow here for more details:

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