Multiple Applications leveraging the same Authentication Session

I have a scenario where I have multiple applications (regular web applications and machine to machine ones) leveraging the same database connection as the user store. If a user has an active authenticated session via one of these apps, can the other apps leverage that active session without being prompted to re-authenticate ?


Hi @lahai.karmo ,

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I understand that you want to leverage the same authentication session across multiple applications created on the same tenant with the same database connection. By default, the same session will be shared across all the applications on the same tenants on the same browser. I verified this feature, and it works. Please give it a try and let me know if any further questions.

Thanks @lihua.zhang for your timely response. I have a follow up question. Does this still hold true if one application is a regular web app and the other is a machine to machine one? I’m in the process of giving it a try.

Thanks, once again