More granular error codes for more granular handling

Feature: More granular error codes for more granular handling


When a user authenticates to an application, they are redirected back to the application via the callback URL and sometimes the URL contains error information. For example:|taxbit-okta|00x48yvkflxrzI3PO4d6%20is%20not%20part%20of%20the%20org_x24s789Co19fz0H%20organization&state=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX%3D%3D

This is fine, but we need an error code (probably in addition to access_denied) that is more specific about why access was denied.


We want to show an error description to the user that is specific to, for example, the not-an-org-member scenario but uses different wording than the error description in the URL. For example, rather than showing:

user okta|example|C00x48yvkflxrzI3PO4d6 is not part of the org_x24s789Co19fz0H

We want to show something like:

Ask an administrator of the organization to add you as a member or log out and log back into a different organization.

The problem is we can’t show our custom error message whenever error=access_denied because access_denied covers a broad array of errors. Likewise, we’d rather not try to determine if error_description is a specific value/pattern, because then we’re dependent on the English phrasing in the description, which may change at any time or may be a different language

Is there a recommended solution for such a case? What I’d really like to see is some sort of finer-grained error code that is specific to the case of the user not being a member of the organization. That would allow us to key off of a stable error code rather than regexing on English phrasing.

Thank you for considering!

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