Mitigating Auth0 Userinfo Call Limitations for Microservice Architecture

Hi Okta Team,

We’re reaching out regarding potential solutions for mitigating limitations within our current microservice architecture that utilizes Okta for authentication.

Our Scenario:

  • We have a primary web application that interacts with 12 additional microservices, which were using salesforce before now we are migrating to OKTA.
  • All these services leverage for user authentication.


  • We’ve encountered limitations with our current Auth0 configuration, specifically a restriction of only 5 userinfo calls per minute.
  • Due to our architecture’s complexity, implementing caching mechanisms to optimize calls isn’t feasible within our current timeframe.

Requesting Guidance:

We’d appreciate your insights on alternative approaches to address this scenario without resorting to caching. Are there any Okta configurations or best practices that could help us manage these limitations effectively?

We’re open to exploring any suggestions that might optimize our use of Okta within our microservice environment.

is there any way to customize to 25-30 calls per minute.

we are using enterprise-public auth0

Hi @reddy.viveksai

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Thank you for posting your question. I would suggest to open a ticket at the Auth0 Support describing your case and asking for the rate limit increase for that specific endpoint for the set time limit.


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