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Missing payload in the access token of OAuth 2 authentication response



I am new to auth0. I am trying to call auth0 authentication service (DB connection user) from Amazon Alexa (Account Linking).

I can see in auth0 log that the request has included the scope , but in returned access token , it does not have the payload section. The JWT access token i having two sections instead of standard 3 sections. payload section is missing.

We are able to see the header section.

The auth0 log contains following.

    "name": "consent",
    "flow": "consent",
    "initiatedAt": 1548402767946,
    "completedAt": 1548402788673,
    "grantInfo": {
      "id": "5c4ac064e8fd56b4e59df600",
      "audience": "",
      "scope": "openid profile email offline_access",
      "expiration": null
    "elapsedTime": 20727

How to debug the problem ?

Thanks in advance.


Update: Sorry, there must be some problem with my configuration. I created a new configuration and it worked.


Glad to hear that! No worries it could happen to anyone.

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