Missing method 'grants' in v2 for Ruby?


I’m using auth0 (4.4.0) gem in RoR app. I’d like to retrieve data from here: /api/v2/grants using adequate methods like I’m using to getting users data for instance and everything is fine. I’ve checked the newest gem (4.5.0) and it also hasn’t got appropriate methods. I set read:client_grants for that service.

Hey there @michalp! I would love to know more about the particular methods you need. I want to make sure we can help you find a solution for the problem you’re experiencing. Thanks!

in a gem in the directory: ruby-auth0-master/lib/auth0/api/v2/ I don’t see an appropriate module to retrieve data from grants. There is module client_grants but it’s not I’m expecting for.

Hey @michalp I spoke with our team and we are adding this to be reviewed by our development in a future release. At this time we do not have a current ETA for implementation. However, thank you for bringing this to our attention!