Missing Facebook access_token in user info Facebook identity

I’m following the documentation regarding accessing an external IdP API - using Facebook.
The response for the ‘user info’ is not consistent - it only sometimes contains the access_token in the Facebook provider identity (the rest of the object is there, just no access_token property).

How can I initiate the FB access_token generation so I can create a flow where I always get a valid FB access_token?

I’m assuming you’re following this documentation on how to obtain access tokens generated as part of an authentication flow that involved an external identity provider, in this case, Facebook.

If that’s the case, have in mind that the key part is that the Management API access token you use to call /api/v2/user/{user-id} needs to have the read:user_idp_tokens scope. More specifically, if the access token only has the read:users scope the request will still succeed, but you just won’t have access to certain properties related to the issued token, being the access_token property one of the ones that would not be returned.

The recommendation would be for you to ensure that you’re calling the API with a suitable access token to retrieve the information in question; if you confirm you have the right scopes but still experience an issue then you should update your question with additional information on how to reproduce the issue.