Migrating from Passwordless to Azure AD SSO for a single customer

Hi everyone.
Our company currently only offers passwordless sign-on with Auth0 in our SAAS. Now we will have to migrate one customer, they have a dedicated domain, to using Azure AD SSO.

When a user is authenticated against Azure AD SSO, how do we link the user to an existing user (if they already have a user account using passwordless?).

I assume it would be a rule - but I might be wrong?

Any link to documentation/guides would be very helpfull - thanks in advance :sweat_smile:

Hi @alexab,

There are a few options when it comes to linking accounts:

You can find documentation here: User Account Linking

Hi @stephanie.chamblee - thanks for the links.

One thing comes to mind - don’t know if you are aware of this - but the Account Link Extension does not support passwordless.

So now comes the good question - can we link the users in a rule?

Because I’m aware of The Management API’s /identities endpoint, but don’t see how it’s strictly relevant in this scenario (unless you think about hitting the endpoint in a rule)?

What I for all intent and purposes would like to happen is any inconvenience for the end-user.