MFA settings on the login

I want to know if the following 3 requirements can be realized.


  • enable the MFA setting(*1) on the login screen in the initial state.
  • (*1)remember this device for 30 days


  • change the length (ex. 30days -> 40days)


  • enable the MFA setting(*1) on the login screen in the initial state.
  • don’t let users change it to invalid.
  • (*1)remember this device for 30 days

Hey there @bluestud02!

Not sure about that but let me perform some research and find that for you!

I appriciate your reaction.
I wait your reply.

No worries! We’re here for you!

I updated the first post.
Please check it.


About the second requirement, changing the period for remembering the device is not customizable at the moment. There are some discussions going on to provide more customization options but we cannot provide an exact ETA on when it will be rolled out.


Thank you for your answer.
I understand that I can’t change that the setting at this moment.

Thanks a lot @supun!

I will make sure to confirm the rest of your requirements.

These 3 requirements are all.
I’m sorry to add requirements.

Okok thanks for that context!

Thank you for responding to my request.
Please tell me about the status of this survey.
I want to know when I will get a part of the result.

I haven’t heard back from the team on that front. Let me reping them and get back to you once I have some info to share!

I got it. Thank you!

No problem! I’ll let you know as soon as I have somnething!

Hey there!

Sorry for the delay in response but I just got the message from the appropriate team. It seems that all of those requirements cannot be realised at the moment but there are some works going around that unfortunately with no dates around that as not many people requested something like that. In order to increase the probability of having that feature I highly encourage you to place product feedback via our product form here: