MFA for specific users with dynamic IP addresses

We have activated Google-Authenticator as a 2FA for our internal site where we have a rule that’s checking for accepted ip addresses that will not trigger 2FA. It should only ask to verify the user with Google-Authenticator only if it’s being accessed out of office. I added the allowed ip addresses which is all good. However we have a remote developer with dynamic IP address so there is no point of adding his current IP as it will change constantly. So, the question is, is there a way of adding the remote dev in the rule where auth-0 will not trigger 2FA and not display Google-Authenticator?

Hi there @legacy07, welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Not at this time. However if this is something that you feel could be very beneficial to your team, please share it with us at Our product team reads each and every one of these requests and they help shape our roadmap for the future. Thanks!

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