MFA Error Codes

I’m currently manually building a login flow that requires MFA enrollment. According to the documentation here → Common Auth0 Library Authentication Errors it looks like there are two separate error codes that can be returned when a user authenticates and MFA is required, the mfa_registration_required and mfa_required codes. The former is important for determining whether a user is already enrolled, but I for some reason the only code ever returned is mfa_required. Wondering if I’m missing something or if this feature is currently broken.

More info regarding my setup:
OTP is enabled as a second factor
MFA is being enforced via a Rule with the provider set to ‘any’.

I have the exact same issue. There is no way to get the error code mfa_registration_required
Right now we are fetching the empty authenticator list to verify but the right error code would save us some time.

Does anyone know how to get the enrollment status with a single request to /oauth/token ?