MFA EnrollWith In Auth0 Actions Not Working

I’m trying to allow users of my SPA to control their own MFA settings inside my application. I was able to set up an AWS Lambda function that calls my Auth0 Management API. Using this lambda, I can provide users with the ability to enable/disable MFA (I’ve done this by allowing them to set a flag in their user metadata). This is working great.

My problem is when trying to allow a user to set up a new MFA enrollment. I would like to do this through Auth0s built in New Universal Login flow. For some reason, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the ‘onExecutePostLogin’ to use the ‘enrollWithAny’ or ‘enrollWith’ functions and prompt a user to enroll in a new MFA type.
It is showing an error as below:

Any advice on this topic would be much appreciated.

I found this “enrollWithAny” function in the documentation here:

If anyone knows the proper way to implement this, please let me know!