MFA authentication method missing in rule context

I’m having trouble with a rule checking if a user completed MFA during their login.

According to the docs, the ‘context.authentication’ array should contain the authentication methods a user has completed during their session. However, the ‘mfa’ method is never present. The only output I get is the following array:

[{ methods: [ { name: 'pwd', timestamp: 1434454643024 } ] }]

I’m using the free SMS method from Auth0 for testing and the new universal login experience with SSO. ‘allowRememberBrowser’ is also set to true.

The login and the MFA authentication works fine. Just the mfa object is missing for some reasons.

Any ideas?

Hey @mobilmacher,

Rules execute before MFA is triggered. This means that, when the user is authenticated and rules run, MFA will not yet have been triggered. However, if the user has already authenticated and your application is performing SSO of an existing session, the array will be there, informing you of what kind of MFA flow went on during the original authentication flow.

Let me know if this helps.

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