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Mapping outgoing claims in ACTIVE DIRECTORY with ADFS connection



Currently i have an Active Directory connected to my Auth0 account and i’m able to get this claims via IdToken ( “name”: “…”, “given_name”: “…”, “family_name”: “…”, “nickname”: “…”, “picture”: “…”), but i still need to get more claims that weren’t present in the standard claims definition(Subject and Role).

I found this topic that looks similar to my question, but i’m still not sure how should i proceed!

Correct me if i’m wrong, but if i want to map other Claims, i need to Setup my auth0 account with SAMLP connection instead of ADFS connection by following the steps described by @Saltuk.

Does the Active Directory that i’m working with, also needs to be setup up differently to work with the SAMLP connection ???


Hi Daniel, we now have a more complete document describing this setup here.