Managing permissions at organization level architecture

Hi everyone, I’m new to Auth0 and I’m a bit loss in how we should set it up. We are a B2B SaaS product and each of our customers (organizations) have multiple users.

Use case #1: Supporting different licenses

To support à la carte pricing, we need to be able to assign specific permissions to specific organizations based on what license they purchased. (E.g standard and pro.)

We are currently not using Auth0 B2B. Is this how we would set and manage permissions at an organization level? Or do you suggest we look into feature flags?

Use case #2: Different Roles within an organization

2.1: Feature access

Within an organization, we might have users that need to have access only to have an admin role to add other users for example.

I imagine this is how where we use the Role feature to create different roles. E.g Admin or Standard.

Any documentation on the architecture of Auth0 and a feature flag manager would be helpful. Thanks!