Managing authorizations at a more granular level

Feature: Managing Agent portal authorisations at a capability level

We are currently deploying Auth0 and looking to utilise the auth0 agent poral for our contact center. The issue we have is that we don’t want all agents to have access to amend all customer details we want to be able to pick and choose, for example blocking users from being able to change the password for users.
We are keen to manage this so that it doesn’t expose us to customers login details being misused and having to go through logs to verify what has happened.

Ideally we are looking for the capability to pick and choose authorisations at a more granular level rather than simply assigning a role more create our own roles but pick authorisations themselves


When we are assigning access to 1500+ agents we want to ensure not everyone ahs the same access around account management, maybe some expert users have the ability to change emails and passwords but the wider group have the ability to trigger emails to get users to change these details themselves.

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Have you had a chance to check out the following:

Is that something that might suit your use case?