Management API User Update

Posted this on the .NET SDK Github, but closed it out to repost here as it seems to be a management API specific issue.

I couldn’t find the documentation on this, when updating fields, which fields trigger a session to expire server side?

Use case is I have a SPA using universal login with a dotnet core backend API. For users with user/pass logins, I’d like to keep their profile data up to date both in my app database as well as Auth0. When sending a request via Users.UpdateAsync, it seems that the SPA side session is expired. I’m also using the auth0-spa-sdk. I couldn’t quite pin down which fields being sent that expire the server side session which forces a SPA side re-login. I know that the session is expired because a page refresh on the SPA side indicates that the user is logged out.

Any guidance here? For now I’m sending an update request with the 4 or so fields I know do NOT expire the session (the name fields: first, last, nick, full).

Hi stphnlwlsh and welcome to the community! :wave:

I don’t have a thorough list of what will cause session invalidation, so you will ultimately need to test this out yourself and see what happens. However, I know these 3 things cause the session to expire:

  1. Changing user password
  2. Changing user email
  3. Changing the email_verified property

Please let me know if you have any questions about that.