Management API Client Grants allow current user to update only themselves

Is there a way to allow user to update ONLY themselves, using management api?

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Yes, when using the Management API v2 update a user endpoint, you could pass the user_id to update for a specific user.

To allow users to update themselves, you could have a scenario where the user logs in, and you use the access token to find the user’s user_id from the sub claim (whom the token refers to). Then you’ll be able to pass that user_id to the Management API when updating the user.

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What i meant was is there a way to generate management api token, with permission to edit only 1 specific user?

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Unfortunately, you’ll not be able to generate a Management API token with permission to update only one specific user.

The Management API token includes the update:users scope that grants the permission to update any user.

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Is there any way to edit user data without Management api or dashboard?

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No, unfortunately, there isn’t an alternative way to update a user. You will need to use either the Management API or Auth0 Dashboard to update a user.

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