Make users login from different frontends

Hi everyone,

this is my first time using Auth0 and I’m a bit confused by all the new stuff.
I am building a REST API with Kotlin and Spring Boot. I still don’t know how I will consume it, but most likely 2 native apps (Android and iOS) and a web app (probably React, or SPA in general).
Now I want the users to be able to sign up and login to their profile from any frontend, but I’m not sure about how to set up the thing. I tried to follow this tutorial but I ended up with machine-to-machine authentication and this is not what I want.
I’m not even sure about what’s the use case for machine-to-machine authentication.

Also, what if I want to test my secured endpoints using curl or Postman, without relying on frontend?

Can you help me to clarify the whole thing?
Thanks in advance!

Hey there @Essay97 welcome to the community!

Were you able to make any progress here?

I definitely recommend taking a look at our docs on common architecture scenarios:

Here’s a blog post that outlines machine to machine and its use cases :slight_smile:

Hope this helps at least get you going in the right direction!

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