Looking for a simple login solution - can Auth0 do this?

I am new to Auth0 and I’m trying to find if this BASIC solution is possible —>

I’m looking for a simple self-hosted Login URL, one that i can point to from different wordpress pages….

User Experience →

  1. User clicks LOGIN from ANY Wordpress page

  2. Redirects to Auth0 Login screen

  3. Once user confirms their identity, it makes an API call to an external database (salesforce) to query a record containing the user email and return a field containing the redirect URL.

My main question is the possibility Step 1 to Step 2.

From what I’m reading online, you cannot just have a simple self hosted login URL without parameters attached. I don’t need parameters, I’m just tying to verify if the user trying to login owns the email they are entering by confirming their email every time via OTP (one time passcode).

If Auth0 doesn’t have this solution can anybody recommend a provider who does this?