Loginto Auth0 via API


Is it possible to loginto Auth0 via API?

I have many users in Clever SSO and also, I also have created an application in clever which has a redirect url of my angular app. Now I would like to log into my angular application (Which uses Auth0 Login box) when the user clicks on my app in Clever.

Is it possible via API? Or any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @itekk.eml0e,

The resource owner password grant allows you to request a token with an email/password via an api call.

It looks like we also support clever as a social login if you want to go that route:

Is it possible to loginto auth0 via API, without password, using user email/ username only?
What I need is, the user clicks on my reading app in clever and it should redirect to my angular app by logging into Auth0. The user should not be prompted to login in Auth0.

I saw the clever social login, but it just adds a login with clever button in my auth0. That’s not what I need.

I don’t know what Clever’s capabilities are, or what functionality you have access too but the way (or one way, and maybe the only way) to do what it sounds like you are asking is IdP initiated login from Clever / your Clever app to Auth0 / your Auth0 app. Clicking the link in your reading app sends the user to the angular app with a valid token in hand. Using SAML:

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Is it possible to get Authorization Code, instead of token via API?


That seems like a seperate question. Can you please open a different topic for that.

@markd Thanks for the input on that. Let us know if that seems like a solution @itekk.eml0e

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