LoginAsync throws some exception

Hi, I’ve been trying to get facebook login to work in my mobile app for 2 days.
Notice that I manage to do it in WPF application and it works, but in Xamarin.Forms there is some big problem.

This is my MainActivity in Android:

[Activity(Label = "MyAppName", Icon = "@mipmap/icon", Theme = "@style/MainTheme", MainLauncher = false, NoHistory = true,
	ConfigurationChanges = ConfigChanges.ScreenSize | ConfigChanges.Orientation, LaunchMode = LaunchMode.SingleTask)]
    new[] {Intent.ActionView}, 
    Categories = new[] { Intent.CategoryDefault, Intent.CategoryBrowsable },
    DataScheme = "com.mycompany.myapp",
    DataHost = "proper-host",
    DataPathPrefix = "/android/com.mycompany.myapp/callback")]
public class MainActivity : global::Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.FormsAppCompatActivity
        protected override void OnNewIntent(Intent intent)
//rest of code removed for brevity

Now, this is how I try to call facebook login from Xamarin application:
I have created simple interface and I just call it:

private async void fbLoginButton_Clicked(object sender, EventArgs e)
    var loginService = DependencyService.Get<ILoginProvider>();
        var loginResult = await loginService.FacebookLogin();
        //it never gets here
        if (loginResult.IsError)
            Debug.WriteLine("Login error");
            Debug.WriteLine("Login success");
    catch(Exception ex) //it never gets here also
        Debug.WriteLine("Error: " + ex.Message);

And my service in Android looks like that:

[assembly: Dependency(typeof(Xamarin.Droid.Services.AndroidLoginProvider))]
namespace Xamarin.Droid.Services
    public class AndroidLoginProvider : ILoginProvider
        public async Task<AuthenticationResult> FacebookLogin()
            Auth0ClientOptions options = new Auth0ClientOptions
                Domain = "proper-domain",
                ClientId = "my-client-id"                

            Auth0Client client = new Auth0Client(options);

            var result = await client.LoginAsync();

            //it never gets here 
            if (result.IsError)
                throw new InvalidOperationException();
            return new AuthenticationResult();

So, when I call LoginAsync, the browser opens and I am able to confirm that I want to log in using facebook. After that, nothing happens. The code flow never returns from LoginAsync, nor OnNewIntent in MainActivity is called.

I think I tried everything.
Now I have: Xamarin.Forms version
I have even installed Xamarin.Forms.AppLinks (because the output was saying that could not load Xamarin.Forms.AppLinks)
Auth0.OidcClient.Android: 3.2.4
Auth0.OidcClient.Core: 3.2.4
IdentityModel.OidcClient: 5.0.0

This is my output:
[NetworkSecurityConfig] No Network Security Config specified, using platform default
[Choreographer] Skipped 1196 frames! The application may be doing too much work on its main thread.
Thread started: #10
Loaded assembly: /data/data/com.mycompany.myapp/files/.override/System.Memory.dll [External]
Loaded assembly: /data/data/com.mycompany.myapp/files/.override/System.Buffers.dll [External]
Loaded assembly: /data/data/com.mycompany.myapp/files/.override/System.Numerics.Vectors.dll [External]
Loaded assembly: /data/data/com.mycompany.myapp/files/.override/System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe.dll [External]
Loaded assembly: /data/data/com.mycompany.myapp/files/.override/System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions.dll [External]
[zygote64] Checksum mismatch for dex base.apk
[EGL_emulation] eglMakeCurrent: 0x76df47e3d4a0: ver 3 1 (tinfo 0x76df47f6aac0)
[EGL_emulation] eglMakeCurrent: 0x76df47e3d4a0: ver 3 1 (tinfo 0x76df47f6aac0)

Please, help