Login with auth0-react does not write cookie

Hi there,

I am following Auth0 React SDK Quickstarts: Login to do sign-in with auth0-react package.

With login button, it could successfully redirect me to the auth0 Universal Login page, and after login from there, it could redirect back to something like http://localhost:3001?code=z5W9y-XFOTusr1MM8F5eUx44VlaE53FkrDY...&state=SldmTWZmQlNiNTlKQ0RaOUZXUEc2Z2lDZUdJRVNyOW1RR

However, I am not seeing it set up cookie for me, thus when revealing user profile information, it could not fetch the data successfully.

May I ask if I need to manually set the cookie somehow after redirecting back from Auth0?

Thank you!

Hi there @williamwjs welcome to the community!

You shouldn’t need to manually set anything - Are you getting any errors when you go to get profile info? Are you seeing this behavior if you just pull the sample app down directly from github? I’m wondering if there is a browser setting getting in the way.

Let us know!

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