Login using SAMLP connection in NSIS (installation wizard)script

we have an installer in NSIS script. Till now we were using userName-password to login with the help of password Grant flow.Now we are going to include SAMLP and ADFS connections also. how can i login as Password grant with Realm as it only works for ADFS and not for SAML connections. how can i login ,as opening a browser or callback is not possible in NSIS.

If NSIS can’t open a browser or display web content in an embedded view you could consider this a constrained device and see if the device flow would help (https://auth0.com/docs/flows/concepts/device-auth). It feels a bit awkward to consider this flow for something is running on a computer, but besides that I think the only alternative would be to move the authentication step to before or after the NSIS-driven installation.