Login_required error with firefox and safari during API call

Hello there, I’m currently developing an Angular with the Apollo GraphQL Client framework on frontend and Apollo Server on backend (node). Unfortunately I’m experiencing a strange behavior during the communication between the two parts of the application since whenever i try to call the graphQL api, a “Login required error” is raised.

Before digging more deeply in the problem and the workaround I tried, I want to clarify that this is the first time in two years that such problem happens, despite the technologies I used for every project are pretty much the same. The only difference between the previous projects and this one is that I used Angular instead of React. Anyway, based on my Auth0 knowledge the technology used should not impact on this error because the authentication flow, and the data exchanged with the tenant, are the same. Right?

From the researches i’ve done so far I understood that the issue regards the getAccessTokenSilently() pre-flight call made by the AuthHttpInterceptor in the Angular App. The browser blocks the third party cookies making the API call fail. As a confirmation of this hypothesis I tried to turn off the browser protection and the API calls have been performed successfully.

As I’ve noticed, reading some related question to the community, this is a known issue which could be workaround by adding a custom domain (not available for the free tier tenant) or using the token rotation.

In light of all these considerations, I cannot understand why the same exact authentication flow works with react and not with Angular and if there is any alternative workaround I can apply without using the token rotation.

Thank you in advance, here it is the auth module of the application in case you might need some insight:


  declarations: [
  imports: [
    providers: [
      {provide: HTTP_INTERCEPTORS, useClass: AuthHttpInterceptor, multi: true},
      {provide: NZ_I18N, useValue: it_IT},
    bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule {


export const environment = {
  production: false,
  auth: {
    domain: authInfo.domain,
    clientId: authInfo.clientId,
    authorizationParams: {
      redirect_uri: window.location.origin,
      audience: `https://-----/graphql`,
    httpInterceptor: {
      allowedList: [
          uri: ``,
          tokenOptions: {
            authorizationParams: {
              audience: `https://-----/graphql`,

              scope: 'read:current_user'

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Hi @gianmarco.santi.1997,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I would suggest you try changing to refresh tokens and the cachelocation to localstorage to avoid the login required error if you are running into issues with Safari ITP or other third party cookie blocking.

I wouldn’t expect React vs. Angular to have any impact on whether or not third party cookies are accepted by the browser. Additionally, both SDKs (auth0-react, auth0-angular) are essentially wrappers for the auth0-spa-js SDK, and use the same underlying technology.

Hi Dan, thank you so much for the reply! Fortunately, after a few days struggling on this strange behavior I find out the solution. The problem was the object passed to the httpInterceptor which, for some unknown reason, was the one that broke the auth flow in Safari and Firefox.

To fix the behavior it was enough to replace the object inside the array allowedList with the API uri as described on the Angular SDK quickstart.

Angular SDK quickstart

Despite fixing the problem I would appreciate any further explanation on why the original solution was not working only with Safari and Firefox. Thank you!

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Glad you found a solution.

I would assume it’s due to third party cookie blocking.

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