"Login required" error while trying to get authToken for registered API


I am working on a react application with Auth0 integration. I am trying to access an express-nodejs API from my react app. For this, I have registered my API under the API section in my Auth0 dashboard and assigned a list of scopes. My authentication flow is working fine and I am getting my ID token from getIdTokenClaims ( react-auth0-spa).

I have enabled Allow Skipping User Consent aswell for the API

*But while I try to get my access token for calling the API, I am getting the following error ***
1. error: "login_required"
2. error_description: "Login required"
3.state: ""

Here is how I am trying to get my access token

const token = await getTokenSilently({

        audience: 'localhost:3900/api/customers',

        claim: 'read:customer',


I am getting the same error for the Auth0 management API as well

const token = await getTokenSilently({
audience: ‘https://**.auth0.com/api/v2/’,
claim: ‘read:client_grants’,

Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here?

thanks in advance!

Hi @sandeep.nair,

This error is often caused by an issue with third party cookies being blocked, causing silent authentication to be blocked.

A few things you can do to debug:

  • Try this in a different browser (safari often has this issue)
  • Try an incognito/private window to determine if it is another cookie conflicting with the issue
  • Do a getTokenSilently() request without your params to ensure this isn’t a problem with your audience/claims

Let us know what you find,

Hello @dan.woda, thank you for the reply!

Here are a few things I tried,

For my own API, I changed the localhost to

  1. Called getTokenSilently() without params - this is returning an opaque token
  2. Called get TokenSilently() with params from Microsoft edge - I am getting a similar error, instead of login required its consent required.

But one good thing that’s happening is I am able to get the JWT auth token for APIs provided by Auth0. I am not sure what I did differently, but it’s working now.

const token = await getTokenSilently({
audience: ‘**/api/v2/’,
claim: ‘read:client_grants’,

So the issue remains for my API alone at the moment.

When I check the Auth0 Dashboard > users; under the user, I am logging with only two Authorised applications are listed
– > https:///userinfo

Do I need to get my Customers API listed here for authentication to happen? , if yes how do I do it?

Thanks in advance!

This topic covers how to request a token without consent:

Dear @dan.woda
As per the thread attached, the user info API should return a token silently without user consent popup. This sounds like a solution as the user provides a consent first time he/she logs into the application.

But the following request is returning an opaque token, what am I doing wrong here?

token = await getTokenSilently({
audience: ‘https://[…].auth0.com/userinfo’,
claim: ‘openid profile email’

Thanks in advance!

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