Login not working as expected

Hi all,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bit of background; I’m new to programming (<6 months) and am building a personal stock tracking app to practice React + Recoil. I’ve implemented Auth0 for fun and can’t seem to get it working when deployed through Netlify.

For context, the repo is here: https://github.com/willwearing/finance
And the site is here: https://willwearing-stocktrackingapp.netlify.app

The issue: When run using ‘npm start’ on my local machine, auth0 allows me to log in and once complete, renders the expected ‘search’ component. On my Netlify hosted site, this doesn’t happen. Once I’ve logged in, it renders the login page again.

Does anyone know why that might be happening?

Hi @willwearing

Welcome to the wonderful world of programming. Check your tenant logs to see what error you might be getting on the login. Perhaps a callback URL mismatch?


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