Login loop after enabling MFA

Without MFA enabled, login into my application works fine. When I enable MFA:

  • After entering the one-time code, my application loads with a blank page
  • In the javascript console, I see “Multifactor authentication required”

If I refresh the page, I’m prompted to enter the code again (skipping the first part of login).

I feel like there is a misconfiguration somewhere but I’m not sure where to look.

My application is a nodejs app with HAProxy in front if that makes a difference.

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Did you ever resolve this? This seems to be happening to me as well.

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I have the same issue, I saw some suggestions to set MFA options to “Never” instead of “Always” but it didn’t resolve the issue for me

Getting this same loop of enter user/pass then OTP, and then OTP continually.
Has anyone managed to resolve?