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Login CORS issue with ASP.NET and Angular 7

I have an issue integrating the aspnet Core 2.1 quickstart with angular 7.
I have an Account Controller and an authService.

The Account Controller is called via the angular front end authService.

If I call the controller (login method) using httpClient the login function throws a CORS error.

If I call the controller (login method) via the root, directly in the URL bar, the function executes just fine.

My Authenticate function is able to be called by the front end service, but the logout has the same issue.

Here is a link to my gitHub containing the Controller, front-end Service, Startup.CS and URL Service.

Below are snips of the files in case youd like to view them in the post:

if anyone could help me resolve my issue in calling my login function from the front-end it would be greatly appreciated!