Login alert just after a logout - iOS Swift SDK

Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing a weird problem in my app: basically when my users press the logout button I call the Auth0Manager.instance.logout() (the manager singleton is taken from the Swift example project); just after that call an alert appears asking the user to login again with Auth0, just like when they press the login button. I double and triple checked and I’m not erroneously calling the login function after the user has logged out.

I’ve made a video to better explain the issue: after a successful login, I simply press the logout button and the alert appears. If then I press the “continue” button on the alert, the auth0 login appears and it gives a generic error.

I’m using Xcode 10 and an iPad mini 3 with iOS 12, with the latest Auth0 Swift framework (1.13.0) integrated via CocoaPods.

Here’s the video link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19untaVsfUJhMoxfZhSo9BBMJ1_RRGS9x/view?usp=sharing


Hey Folks!

Description of the problem you provided as well as the video are quite different cause you’ve said that you press the logout button when there is none. After I’ve watched the video and you think that there is everything right with your code and you use the latest Auth0 Swift framework I think that the reason of the error might be that you are already logged in and after that you hit the login button trying to login again which may cause the problem.

Are you able to provide us with any code snippets?

Hey @caligoo.devteam !

Was wondering if you were able to somehow solve that issue or is it still there? If it is please provide us with some code snippets so we can help you further!