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Login alert just after a logout - iOS Swift SDK



Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing a weird problem in my app: basically when my users press the logout button I call the Auth0Manager.instance.logout() (the manager singleton is taken from the Swift example project); just after that call an alert appears asking the user to login again with Auth0, just like when they press the login button. I double and triple checked and I’m not erroneously calling the login function after the user has logged out.

I’ve made a video to better explain the issue: after a successful login, I simply press the logout button and the alert appears. If then I press the “continue” button on the alert, the auth0 login appears and it gives a generic error.

I’m using Xcode 10 and an iPad mini 3 with iOS 12, with the latest Auth0 Swift framework (1.13.0) integrated via CocoaPods.

Here’s the video link: