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Logged in user null Auth0/Spark Java



Hello All,
I am trying to get Auth0 integrated into my web app which uses the spark-java framework. The problem is while the authentication works perfectly, including the callback(I see the new user created on Auth0’s website and my website gets redirected), I can’t access the logged in user info. I’ve tried several methods like SessionUtils.getAuth0User(request.raw()) and none of them are working. For example in the provided tutorial here: they access the logged in user info like so:
protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res) throws ServletException, IOException {
final Auth0User user = SessionUtils.getAuth0User(req);
if (user != null) {
req.setAttribute(“user”, user);
req.getRequestDispatcher("/WEB-INF/jsp/home.jsp").forward(req, res);
I’ve tried doing something similar with Spark but since the get works a bit differently in Spark I do this:

String clientId = System.getenv(“AUTH0_CLIENT_ID”);
String clientDomain = System.getenv(“AUTH0_DOMAIN”);
get("/", (request, response) ->
Map<String, Object> attributes = new HashMap<>();
Auth0User user = SessionUtils.getAuth0User(request.raw());
if(user != null) {
attributes.put(“user”, user);
attributes.put(“loggedIn” , true);
attributes.put(“loggedIn” , false);
attributes.put(“clientId” , clientId);
attributes.put(“clientDomain” , clientDomain);
return new ModelAndView(attributes, “index.ftl”);
}, new FreeMarkerEngine());
The code is always reporting the user as null even though the user is created and stored in the database and the signin works properly with no runtime or console errors. The other methods I tried I replaced the line where I set the user variable and wrote the following.
Alternate Method 1:
Auth0User user = (Auth0User) request.session().attribute(“auth0User”);
Here auth0User is the same string literal Auth0 uses in their implementation of SessionUtils as shown in their source code referenced here: | Cassandra

Alternate Method 2:
Auth0User user = (Auth0User) request.raw().getUserPrincipal();

In addition this is my javascript code running client side for the authentication:

var lock = new Auth0Lock('${clientId}', '${clientDomain}', {
    auth: {
        redirectUrl: 'http://localhost:5000/build',
        responseType: 'code',
        params: {
        scope: 'openid user_id name nickname email picture'


function doSignup() {;

I have no idea why user is being evaluated to null every time and I would love some feedback on what I’m doing wrong. Thanks.